linen blouse リネンブラウス


The five northernmost states of Malaysia are experiencing flooding now, and it is reported that 100,000 people have been evacuated. Penang State has received much unseasonal rain as well, but there has not been any serious flooding to date.



ギャザーブラウス リネンブラウス linen blouse
My latest blouse この袖です



With just a few days left in 2014, I have been busy finalizing the pattern for a new blouse, a sample of which I have sewn and which you can see in the photo for this day’s blog entry. This blouse will be part of my Spring 2015 collection.

I simply must buy a dress form, after we relocate to Thailand next winter, to use for draping clothes I design as I do when I am in Japan, and I have already located a couple suppliers in the Bangkok area. Now, I am using a fan supported by a pedestal in my bedroom, which is not ideal. My son is too small still to be of use as a model, and my husband is getting tired of me asking him: “Would you try this on?”