( Scroll down for English )「アトリエ・インドシン」は、信州の拠点とインドシナを行ったりきたりしながら服を作っている小さなアトリエです。



お知らせ ◎ 2019年1月、「tamami watanabe 春夏秋冬の服」から、「Atelier Indochine」に屋号が変わりました。新しいホームページのアドレスは https://indochine.jpになります。お手数ですが、ブックマークのご変更をお願いいたします。

“Atelier Indochine” is a small atelier located in Nagano, Japan, at which we design, make patterns for, and hand-dye women’s clothing using all-natural materials and dyestuffs. We travel for a few months each year in Asia to source interesting and natural fabrics.

We tailor clothes from natural materials: linen, kadhi and organic cotton, and hand-made fabrics found throughout Asia, which we then dye by hand, one by one, with natural plant-based dyes.

We operate no shops, but have trunk shows in Tokyo in spring and autumn for the general public. In spring, early summer, and autumn, there are opportunities to buy through the online store on our website.

In January 2019, we changed our brandname to “Atelier Indochine” from “tamami watanabe Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.” The address of our new homepage is: https://indochine.jp. Kindly change any bookmarks accordingly.

Note: We are revising and will replace the photos appearing on the plant-dyed page soon.