Our items are hand dyed with natural dyestuffs. Slight color variations make every item unique. To minimize color transfer and fading, and to extend the life of the garment, we recommend that clothes be stored away from direct heat and sunlight.

■Instructions for initial washings

The first few washings are important. Some small part of the natural dyestuff, such as that used in darkly dyed indigo garments, may wash off during the first few washings. We advise you to personally wash your garment by itself during the first few washings, and before wearing.

■Regular washing instructions

• Turn garment inside-out, and place in a laundry net.
• Cold-water wash by hand or on a delicate cycle with a mild, neutral detergent.
• Do not use bleach-based washing detergents.
• Do not pour detergent directly on garment. Dissolve or dilute detergent in water before using it.
• Wash garment separately, and remove promptly.
• Tumble dry on low, or hang to dry in shade.
• Do not bleach.
• Hot iron as desired.
• Citrus juices and vinegar may easily discolor fabric.
• Colors may rub off.
• Natural dyes may fade gently over time or when exposed to direct sunlight. This is normal.