laksa ラクサ


laksa sambal 米の麺とココナツスープのラクサ サンバルソースを混ぜます
ラクサにサンバルソースを入れて食べます Laksa and sambal sauce








I tried my hand at making “laksa,” a Malaysian noodle dish, a couple times recently. I used Japanese kombu to make a broth to which I added freshly squeezed coconut milk, and finely chopped shallots, lemon grass, and galangal. Afterward, I added small shrimp, thin slices of sautéed chicken breast, mung bean sprouts, and as a garnish and for added flavor, Vietnamese mint called “duan laksa” (laksa leaf) here. Not a true mint, this herb is used throughout SE Asia, and has a heavy, peppery taste.

At the table we added some sambal sauce, which I prepared from a base sauce homemade by a local grocer, basically chili and garlic blended together, which I sautéed with some brown sugar and salt. We added “naam plaa” and lime juice at the table to taste. Locally produced noodles for laksa were used. These rice noodles are thick and must be well boiled. (In true Penang laksa, tamarind juice is added during cooking, instead of lime juice, to add sourness.)